Long Day..

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It has been a long day for me! woke up early to meet baby for MAC breakfast at CC =D after which we headed to library to munch on books! the library is damn noisy! people talking here and there! made us so irritated! sch library is still the best i think..

anyway, in the end we concluded that we haven watched a movie for quite some time and there are so many nice movies we dun wanna miss soo…we went for the movie, he is just not that into u. i think it’s pretty entertaining.. talking bout the point of views from both men and women although most of the part focusing on women only . haha. quite hilarious..

After the movie i rushed back home to do my online esap prelim paper cos today is the last day and the cut off time is 1150pm. Its a 3 hours paper and becos feeling super exhausted… ehem hem… the paper… hmm…pretty dead again..

haven had dinner yet! can’t feel the hunger anymore =/ good way of dieting huh..

btw, some of friends asked me where is the damn cool place i went to which i blogged abt on my old blog.
this this remember??
Like a Queen…haha.

okie.. i’m like helping to advertise for this place.. =/
go to to check out more k.
They serve dinner only at one timing. which is 8pm. (but not on time =x) at a price of 65++ per person excluding drink. so i recommend u to order a bottle of wine which cost avg 100++. Do call to check out the menu. For two persons prepare at least 200 budget. hopes this help! =)

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March 6, 2009 at 12:38 AM

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