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went SMU to study with baby yesterday.. super noisy as usual. Must be super focus to study there. =/ so we i studied only for a few hours and headed for dinner and checked out the movies.. Nice movies all at wrong timing so we din catch any. We wanted to find a nice cafe/ desert place and ended up in Heeren. Saw Qin and her bf. Her bf was in the Manhunt’s rehearsal. so we managed to see the manhunt’s contestants in person before the actual event. Some have really nice figures! including qin’s bf la! =)

In the end baby n i headed Gloria Jean’s cafe outside Cine. Only after we ordered we found out that the stuffs there are super cheap! ice-blended coffee going at 3bucks?! we are like. huh?! and they have like lots of promo going on, 1 for 1 etc.. i dunnoe if it has been like tat for a long time or only recently? but anyway for pple looking for some nice and affordable chill out place do check it out.. =)

i have been spending almost everyday with baby. so hearts my baby boy~ =)


Written by bbreminisce

March 22, 2009 at 4:10 AM

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