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Watched Paul Blart: mall cop yesterday. i think its pretty hilarious! Baby thinks it’s quite lame though. haha..

I want to watch nice movies, i wanna go KTV! been ages since i last went KTV! =(  hmm.. maybe,  maybe after i settle more of my revision?

Anyway, my Cousin is getting married! He’s just one age older than me. i can’t help but feel sooooo old.. Setting down at this age? No No for me.. seriously i dun believe things that pple say like cos i found my true love and i love him/her very much..  ?_? i know plenty of pple marrying before 21 or at 21. (not shotgun) i respect how they handle their financial.

Anyway, the point is i’m very looking forward to it! haha. Not tat i’m very close to him but i haven been to a wedding dinner by my family members for a longgg time.. lol.. Anyway it’s in May.. haha..


Written by bbreminisce

March 24, 2009 at 12:43 AM

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