Cousin’s wedding

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9May09. My cousin’s big day~ it’s funny to see him settle down. it was like yesterday we all had our regualr hide and seek game. haha.

top left pic. my sistas and my pretty pretty cousins, all grown up!


Me and Baby!


my  grandparents! i told my ah gong that he looks so suave in the suit and he turns red. lol


and of cos the lovely couple of the night. dun you think that they are so matching! so sweet!! his wife is so pretty! lucky you! haha..


Heavier note... had marketing paper today. when i looked at the paper i really felt doomed. whatever i predicted to come out, did not and those i did not focus on, all came out! After the paper i was totally on the verge of crying. ;(

baby’s friend commented,”what marketing paper? 4Ps. not one out?” (ok…excluding branding.)

i so wanted to write a note to H at the end of my script. i dunnoe? like maybe comment on the stupid paper? haha. but of cos i have no guts la..

So this is what happened…



Baby wanted to cheer me up after paper so he brought me to tampines1 for some shopping though i bought nothing haha! we had a great dinner~ thank you baby =)

i still have two more papers to go~ so many people gonna end their papers before me!  jia you jiayou!! i need a lot of luck! pls no more stupid paper.


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May 14, 2009 at 3:09 AM

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