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i dun like this blog. i prefer my previous one cos it seems that  i have all the saddish, whining,  complaining posts here.. =/

constantly reminding myself that exam gonna be over soon! so that i wun grumbling so much.. I have this really bad thing bout remembering names.. i can be intro to this particular person like 2 mins ago then i forgot the person’s name. haha 

but now.. i’m damn good at names!! Synder, Huselid, Pfeffer, Schuler and Jackson, Miles& Snow. Rousseau, Hackman & Oldham, Coyle Shapiro, Robinson and Morrison.. blah blah. can’t be better!

Thanks to ESAP and HRM! i have endless lists of names to remember.. so i told baby i would probably mixed everything up and turned up that Names that are supported to be in my HRM script appearing in my ESAP script. hahaa.. So is it good or bad to have two tedious heavy content- based papers at the back?

ok.. i;m starting to think of things to do after my exam..

Most imptly i want plenty of SLEEP! haha. i know i have been sleeping a lot alr.. but i haven been having a ‘peaceful’ one from the start of exam. i keep dreaming of what i’m studying! All the questions keep spinning round my mind like crazy. keep thinking of ans, qns, ans, qns, formulas, theories, names…

Other than that i also have all the weirdest dreams ever! cannot stop my mind from working.. =.= sometimes even have to roll in bed several hours before i finally fell asleep. its not that i’m not tired. i’m really exhausted from studying but i dunnoe why i can’t slp. There was once i only managed to slp in the morning then after a few hours a woke up again.. 

I need to do something about my hair! going out of shape. black roots which mei mei keep laughing at. weird length ever since i cut half of it short months ago. They took forever to grow back.. need to dye, trim, curl, snap?

and i need a JOB! haha.. pls hire me! I want to do major savings plan now!  $_$ hehe.. super money face~


Written by bbreminisce

May 24, 2009 at 2:56 AM

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