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Firstly, my exam is over!!  =D

then like immediately i went on a shopping spree with baby at Johnlittle’s Sales at EXPO. must go! The things there are damn cheap! total steal. i got a pair of pedro shoes at only 39.90! heez. Our bill got up to 300+ though..  =/

after which i rush down to meet my gals for KTV. had lots of fun! Pics with chun! haha

Next day head down STJames~!

With baby ontheway…



We had the hardest time taking a group photo cos of the *mist*



Powerhouse was super packed that day. dun even have a place to stand. Full house to extreme. guess its the after exam ‘season’. lol.  N there was a fight show when we got out. * pin u missed it!! lol. Being very KPO singaporeans style. We stood there watched all the way. haha


and random random.. Baby’s gift for me before the exam! lol.. nice nice blink blink** Everything is in heart shape! loves~ =)



Written by bbreminisce

June 1, 2009 at 12:04 AM

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