Women are like waves

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A woman is like a wave. When she feels loved her self-esteem rises and falls in a wave motion. When she is feeling really good, she will reach a peak, but then suddenly her mood may change and her wave crashes down. This crash is temp. After she reaches bottom suddenly her mood will shift and she will again feel good about herself. Automatically, her waves begins to rise back up.

Let’s describe this experience as ‘going down a dark well’.

When a man loves a woman, she begins to shine with love and fulfillment. Most men naively expect that shine to last forever. But to expect her loving nature to be constant is like expecting the weather to never change and the sun to shine all the time. Life is filled with rhythms – Days and night, hot and cold, summer and winter, spring and fall, cloudy and clear. Likewise in a relationship, men and women have their own rhythms and cycles. Men pull back and then close, while women rise and fall in their ability  to love themselves and others.


1) The last thing a woman needs when she is on her way down is someone to tell her why she shouldn’t be upset. What she needs is someone to be with her as she goes down, to listen to her while she shares her feelings, and to empathize with what she is going thru. Even if a man can’t fully understand why a woman feels overwhelmed, he can offer his love, attention and support.

2) When a woman feels supported, she does not necessarily feel better right away. She may feel worse. But this is a sign that support may be helping. This is because, support is actually helping woman to hit the bottom sooner, and then she can and will feel better. To genuinely come up, she first need to hit the bottom. That is the cycle!

3) A man’s love and support cannot instantly resolve a woman’s issues. His Love, however, can make it safe for her to go deeper into her well. It is naive to expect woman to be perfectly loving all the time. He can expect theses issues to come up and again and again. Each time, however, he can get better at supporting her.

4)A woman going into her well is not a man’s fault or his failure. By being more supportive he cannot prevent it from happening, but he can help her thru these difficult times.

5) A woman has within herself the ability to spontaneously rise up after she has hit the bottom. A man does not need to fix her. She is not broken but just needs her love, patience and understanding.

Listen, Hugs, Magic 3 words~

Extracted from Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. =)
For the men to understand women better!

Written by bbreminisce

June 3, 2009 at 6:37 PM

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