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KTV session last week with my gals. had lots of fun! celebration of the end of my exam as well… hohoho..


yesterday went for Fav fish soup at tanjong pagar then head to suntec with baby. Accompany him to register for his M5 cert..

Went to see kawaii pets~! ham ham all squeeze tog damn cute! haha. remind me of my hamsters that passed away.. =/


Head for dinner with my family in the evening~ suppose to be an early father’s day seafood dinner. lol. on the way there… anyway, the place is dman ulu.. have to go into a super long deserted lane.. mummy was commenting that are we  going to  hunt for wild boar? lol

n okie.. tats my permed hair. i’m damn sad over it cos it doesn’t turned out to be what i want.. =.= and my hair is really dry now.. =(




i took this pic cos i think it’s pretty interesting.. so huge a fish! is it for real??


and as usual.. lots of fishtanks…. the fishes there all damn huge.. all things comes in jumbo size. lol.


just some of the food we had.. sis ordered many dishes but all in small sizes. according to them.. in this way, we can taste more varieties.. haha


There’s also a pub there with stage and all the live performance stuffs so it’s a pretty cosy place.. =)


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June 6, 2009 at 2:39 PM

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