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Met baby for dinner at miss clarity cafe after my work.. ( yeah i found one =D )

this was my second time there. the 1st expt wasn’t good but this time it was better.  i love the cheese fries though not as worth as indulgz’s one.. heez

Was super full then we headed to pc show at suntec~ as usual, it was really packed and brochures all over the floor..  there were some other sales there as well.. so we shop shop till my legs almost break.. cos of my 4 inch heels.. =.=




KTV with Yizhou and baby after work! We have been saying on a KTV trip tog since a yr ago and finally we did.. we LOVE singing!

see yz’s super wide smile? we tried to do the same.. haha


was real tired after it.. we all became ‘ah-du’.. lol.. headed for supper porridge at chinatown and i slept till 3pm the next day! lol


Written by bbreminisce

June 14, 2009 at 8:15 PM

Posted in frens, Loves

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