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Updates on long ago stuffs~ haha.. last last week end spent at baby’s house playing online game! we found a new game called titan online.. but later found out that this beta game is ending in June. =.=

baby’s new pc screen is so big i can open two windows.. one facebook on restaurant City and another window for the online titan game.. haha. shoik! =D so poor baby was forced to use the old and super lag laptop.. hehe.. =x


it happened that there is some event just below his block.. i can’t remember what was it for,.. haha.. like some new RC opening or welcoming event cos of the new flats? but there were pretty lots of pple.. cos of ‘free’ food!


There were some performances as usual.. littlekids dancing and stuffs.. and i saw this  groups of boys fighting with swords made out of balloons. so cute.. lol


See baby queuing up with all the kids! fighting for share of candy floss! haha


and more queues for food! It was really hot so i escaped upstair haha.. taken from above. can u spot my baby?


we spot little steven, baby’s cute neighbour kid!!


and last one.. digusting pic of a box full and dengue- killer mosquitoes!! ekk.. goosebumps..

There was this little boy tapping on the box continuously and we can almost see the box shaking..
Baby reaction, ” Hey, be careful with the box, i live upstair only!” hahaha..  



Written by bbreminisce

June 29, 2009 at 4:53 PM

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