28june09- 超越星光 and Big Groove09

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heez.. finally uploaded the pics and videos.. =))

Went to xinguang Singapore’s PK at Kallang to support Jameson’s sis.. Althought she nv won but i think she’s really good!

At the station waiting for Jameson before we headed down by cab cos it was a hot day and we din wanna be roasted pigs.. haha

Hungry baby eating OldChangKee!


No 6. Shirlene Tia =)


Listen to her! some uncle’s huge face pop out from no where.. =.=

It’s a real competitive.. All sing really well!


Semifinal left with 7pples~ tired baby and i stood there thruout.. we were not able to catch the final though cos we needed to head for Big Groove~ Later found out that the finalists are No1. No3. and No.14.. =)


On the way there~


This is the damn cool cool mintz group from Jap! By this time my cam was running low batt cos i forgot to charge it the nite before. =.= so i could only snap photos, no videos~ =( anyway they were the first to came out. made everyone damn excited!




I tried to snap a photo of them after the show.. quite a failure.. lol.. anyway, they are very small kids!!


 Some other groups i managed to took pics of before my cam die haha..  




 Damn cool Beatboxer!





After show~ Super excited us esp baby.. lol.. then we headed for Prata supper before we went home.. my fav! hoho



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