Qin’s 21st

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Last Friday was YiQin/ Zylia’s 21st Birthday party at Chevron. I had a real hard time finding the place.. When i finally reached the place with fu ge’s help, i’m sweating like dunno what.. the moment i reached everyone asked me to take photos. haha.. haven even calm down first! lol. i was like complaining to them non-stop on how i lost my way blah blah.. hehe..

Photos time~! with dequan..

Meimei de guifen..

with Qin and guifen

with shiyuan and Guifen..

with shiyuan. he damn funny. he showed us how models smiled with sexy pouts.. lol

With fu ge.. He finally Graduated! lol. i dunnoe why but i feel like he has been in NUS for very long.. lol =x

NICE cake! i remembered shiyuan’s 21st birthday cake was labelled as  “happy Birthday shiyuan, our superstar.”

and for Qin’s cake it’s: ” Happy Birthday YiQin, Our Supermodel.”

so interesting lo.. haha. i dun have such birthday cake!! =/ 

shiyuan always say that he is the male version of yiqin. Do u agree? haha

The Boyfren presented the cake..

The Boyfren gave a speech..

The Prefect Match =)

Make a wish..

Photos time again~

The usual trick.. but this time we did not smash the cake cos it’s too pretty.. lol

The elder one is always the one helping out.. haha.. tats good bro..

Then we had KTV session! woo! cos shiyuan brought the the ktv set! hehe

afterwhich everyone squeezed into the room for MJ and Cards..

they had some massive drinking session as well.. seeeeee so drunk!! lucky i nv join in! haha

Had fun tat nite.. lots of catching up with long-time-no-seen friends.. =))

Anyway qin’s had 2 professional photograhers to help with photo-taking.. so good man! haha.. i wanna see the photos we took!! hee


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July 16, 2009 at 5:00 PM

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