Friday loves~

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Went Indulgz for dinner on Friday with baby, the girls and derek..
start off with all the pics of me and baby first hhaha..



Everyone else. I’m real happy and excited at the start of the day alr. cos i will be meeting my long time no see gals andwe will be having nice food!.. =))



Starters.. we nv skip the cheese fries.. hoho.. i like the scallops wth bacon wrap too!


Our mains… tasty yum yum!


Everyone was happy with food ! =D
Derek on the left bottom of pic looked really puzzled with his lamb stew. He said how to eat with no bread? lol. ah pin was happily stuffed with food. haha.
Feli was fancinated by her PORK chopp.. hehe


Baby started the super wide smile again.. so cute! lol


with the gals gals~ feli went restroom. =/


All four of us =))


After tat we headed to Iluma’s Cheeky Chocolate for desserts~



The Desserts there are YUM YUM! i like!. Derek was commenting that when we come to such place, we must order everything in chocolate. Chocolate crepe with chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce.Chocolate chocolate chocolate.. haha. we were happy kids =)


and the gals passed me my belated birthday present. i got a new bag! hehe. i like too! Thanks for the effort ah pin!


we went to catch Aaron Kwok’s movie- Murderer at the end of the day. and it totally spoilt our mood. lol. Everyone was complaining bout the show and think it’s real stupid.

[ pls dun read on if you want to watch this]


I think Aaron Kwok is really good in the acting. i think the storyline is not that bad. Everyone was trying to guess who is the murderer..

BUT. when the little boy started talking in a super low voice saying he is already a 40+ man. has some anti-aging illness blah blah… i wanted sooooo much to laugh loudly in the cinema. so stupid! makes the little boy looks creepy after that lo. i cannot stand it. the gals commented that they so wanted to leave the theatre. lol. kind of waste time =.=

Anyway, i still enjoy my day with the gals! meet up soon!  KTV Session! =D


Written by bbreminisce

July 25, 2009 at 7:35 PM

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