East Coast Park

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yeah! pestered baby to go skating with me on Sat.  It was baby’s first try and he is damn good at it already! not fair!  haha..

Anyway, the weather was prefect! no sun and super windy! =D


Baby skating very fast! i chase chase behind lol.. 


took a break to enjoy the sea breeze~ saw people flying kites.. =)


Not to forgot we saw some NDP practices.. lots of planes flew across..


Dinner we had steamboat!! haha.. so in the end we din really burn fats because we ate everything back. it was the only steamboat place in ECP and was quite small therefore we waited super long, like almost an hour. we were drop dead hungry by then..

Look at the pan (or whatever you call it), Super zhaota! It was on my side only..haha. cos i nv put oil =.= Baby said, ” don’t spread the ‘virus’ to me!” hahaha.



Super fun and full! We walked back to Bedok from ECP! (my Idea) haha.. we took 1 hour talking, screaming and laughing all the way.. heez.. =))

ps: i fell down 3 times and got some cuts on my hand. stupid guards no use!


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August 2, 2009 at 11:19 PM

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