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ECR started this morning at 10am but i only managed to log in at 1030am. Refreshed numerous times. logging in and out. Hate this stupid portal. LAG like Hell!.. made so many pple pissed off.. gave me heartattack when i almost couldn’t select the unit i want. i was really really lucky though i would say..

if u noticed.. i took 5 units instead of 4 units this yr. YES. Becos i failed HRM. n i gonna repeat it. I dun believe that i’m so unlucky that i will fail the 2nd time! haha. so becos of shitty HRM. i need to go to sch for 3 days. and i actually have to go back on a sat! if not i can actually book the slots on wed on thurs! >.<~

ok whatever! JIAYOU MX!!

PS: anyone has the same unit(s) or class(es), let me know ok!!

Sch starts on 23 SEPT!! HELLO SIM!




Written by bbreminisce

September 9, 2009 at 9:01 PM

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