3 Oct 09

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Celebrated Linda’s birthday on sat with dwz. I guess it was really a huge surprise for her cos she was totally not expecting us.

We were like hiding in New York New York waiting for Shawn to bring Linda in and we were so scare they she will spot us. So imagine everyone laying low, using menus to cover our faces etc..haha

We started singing happy birthday song  and shouted her name really loud.

Gotcha!! she was totally stunned to see familiar faces.. haha

And Us super happy that the plan worked out.. =))

Still recovering from the shock..

The ‘official’ happy birthday song session..

Shawn and Linda~ sweet sweet! =)

She was super happy when she saw her birthday present!!

Blingz Blingz!!

We asked her to try on the shoes immediately haha

The girls…

and the guys….

Anyway, i think it’s super coincidence that Linda lives just one floor below me!! haha..  and i dun even remember seeing her! =x

Anyway, after a satisfying dinner.. we headed to Marina Square for Movie! Funny People!

i think the movie was not that bad.. but seriously there were lots of jokes i din really catch the meaning.. and lots of crude words were used.. anyway, better than watching a scary movie like phobia 2.. haha.

so ya.. not forgetting the UFO Soft toy catching  and Pool Session before the show!

Baby got me doraemon!! damn cute! looks like baby! lol.. page

Thank you Baby~ LOVES LOTS!!!


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October 5, 2009 at 10:16 PM

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