17 0ct 09

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It was a last min decision to go Kuishin-Bo. We wanted to go for the lunch buffet but it have alr past the timing so instead, we went for the dinner buffet! It was our second time there.. still as packed as usual! we waited at least 45mins queuing outside but it was worth the wait! =))


Take Take Take!! Eat Eat Eat!! =D


Snap Snap~


Not to forget our 1st ‘dong dong dong’! (The jingle ‘specialties’) Strawberry stuffed with icecream! =)

Our plate of desserts include Dorayaki, a sweet bean paste filled bun- Doraemon’s Favourite food! lol

Baby’s icecream + his bloated face.. haha


We had nothing to do after that and ended up in the arcade playing the basketball shooting machine i called it.. haha..

It was my first play! but hell lots of fun! lol.. BUT i couldn’t seem to cross the second level (after numerous tries) =.=

or probably i was so scare that i would break my long nails.. hehe..

Baby was the thousand-hand Doraemon! lol


Me on the bike.. haha. But this was not fun.. Not the usual ones with effect..


No morning class tml! but makeup lesson is on sunday at 830am.. =.= so it doesn’t make any different.. worse to have class on sunday morning i think.. =/


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October 20, 2009 at 11:22 PM

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