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I was complaining to kenneth in ISORG class today about some of the weird things that happened to me these few days..

I was at Clarke Quay station on Tues. Wanted to go to the toilet when i saw this Guy A, who almost accidentally went into the ladies. I saw this couple of times at Clarke Quay Station already.  Due to the fact that the Ladies sign is at the side of the door and not prominent at all and it was the first door most pple would see when they turn into the corner. (Gents is at another corner on the left)

After i entered the toilet. i Saw a guy B came out from the cubicle. I was stunned for a min or so, trying to figure out if it is a SHE or HE and i’m pretty sure he is a guy! somehow, he looked stunned when he saw me too.. like ehh.. did i entered the ladies kind of expression.

So anyway, after i left the toilet, this same guy A, whom i saw earlier, approached me. asked me dumb qns.

Today, the bus i took to sch actually went on the wrong route! Its was the 1st time i saw such a reckless driver! like omg. how can a bus went on the wrong route? =.= Then i missed my connecting bus and caused me to be even later for school..

i have been looking into my computer screen for more than 6 hours to finalize my itineary for Taiwan trip but it’s not done yet! Im getting confused already.. and my flights are postponed to a later timing! Landing Singapore at midnight! =/

Jin, Help!!


Written by bbreminisce

October 21, 2009 at 10:40 PM

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