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I’m starting to miss Taiwan! The chilling wind, the night market food, the nice scenery, the fashion, the shoppings, the friendly and pretty pples! haha.. those leisure time not having to think of anything..

One of my favourite pic with baby~ one of the hottest time at Yehliu! Taiwan’s sun is scorching only in the morning!

Back to reality.. haven find a new job! Been trying to catch up on my studies recently.. i got all stressed up when i see pple studying for exam so i forced myself to study too.. Time flies like nobody business so i guess it’s better to study earlier afterall it’s my last yr till i say byebye to UOL. haha.. i can’t wait to end my uni life and step back to the working world. see.. pple are contradicting.. when they are working they wanna study and vice versa..

or probably, uni life hasn’t been as fantastic as i thought it will be.. but of cos, im glad that baby is there most of the time.. =)

It was baby’s birthday yesterday. we did nothing. Like seriously nothing. haha.. cos baby din want to go to where i wanted to bring him to.. so ya.. we caught movies and laze around at home.. i dunno bout baby but sometimes i like spending time with baby at home. just cuddlez and watch movies tog. have dinner tog and walk around the neighborhood. =)

Happy birthday baby!  23 le wor. grow up le must guaiguai and treat bebe better! hahaha.. I LOVE YOU!! (despite all your unglamorous actions, nonsensical jokes and weird temper! lol) Let’s work hard tog for our last yr of uni! *MUACKZ*


Written by bbreminisce

November 24, 2009 at 12:42 AM

Posted in Loves, Travel

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