Taiwan Day 1

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hahha.. i was damn lazy but decided to blog on Taiwan anyway.. Since i’m so free now! i collage the photos nicely as well! =)

Early in the morning! MacD Breakfast!! hehe.. and baby doing his last min ‘press press’ game before he had to leave it untouched for 1 week!


On the way to airport~~


See baby so happy! couldn’t wait to fly off.. haha


me… look! some ‘Calefares’ at the back! =/


checked in!


had something to eat at the airport before we went into departure hall! =)


Waiting to board the plane! so wish our plane was SQ! haha.. (purposely put pic big big!)


boarding the plane! i think the people behind us are very annoyed cos we kept taking pics.. haha =x


In the plane.. couldn’t stop taking pics! haha


Spot moonie! lol


Sky turning dark! spot Taiwan!!


Damn excited me!


We have reached Taiwan!!


so excited!! baby is impressed by the vending machines selling newspaper! haha


Waiting for our express bus to send us directly outside our hotel. =))

The bus company is call ‘Freego’, chinese: ‘fei gou’. Send u to almost every hotels in XiMenDing!

We bought the two way tickets and got 10% discount!


The bus was PINK!! haha.. with toilet facility! Our first glance of XiMenDing!


Reached hotel!!  A very decent room. PLUS Its just a street away from Ximending shopping area and MRT station. Super convenient! we simply shop around ximending every nights if we return to hotel early!


After freshen up, we went to scout around XiMenDing!

Those noodles were considered our first meal after reaching Taiwan.


Must snap a photo at XiMenDing!


AFterwhich, we went to their 24hr Carrefour which was  just a few streets away from our hotel to get some necessities.

It is damn huge! n there.. a super candid shot of me! haha

and yes, did i mention that the weather was freezing! we did not expect the weather to be so cold. almost everyone was in their thick winter coats (think of those super kawaii furry type) +boots! waa~ I’m so super tempted to get some winter coats too! but it turned out that the cold weather went off after the third day! hahaha


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November 27, 2009 at 1:50 AM

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