Taiwan Day 2

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Neijiang Hotel- Longshan Temple- SKS Memorial Hall- Taipei 101- NYNY, Neo19, Singkong Mitsukoshi etc- Wufenpu- Raohe Night market

Taiwan Day 2 (4 Nov 09)

Wake and Shine~ Baby went downstair to buy breakfast! This was probably the only day we managed to wake up early!

Thats Ximending in the morning! We bought the Easycard ( NTD 500) and proceeded to Longshan Temple.

Its the one of the biggest and most famous temple in Taipei.

Thats a huge fountain & park like scenery with lots of uncles playing chess in front of the temple! baby went kpo! lol

There’s a mini waterfall in the temple too and it was super packed even though it was a weekday..

Afterwhich, we proceeded to Taipei Train Station to get Train tickets to Hualien the next day and went to SYS Memorial Hall.

They have honor guards ceremony every hour and it was pretty interesting!

i video down the whole ceremony with a stupid china woman having quarrel with the security in the background. =.= she was literally shouting away. so irritating..

Me and Baby outside SYS..

We spot Taipei 101 from far and decided to snap some photos..

SYS from far looks huge & grand!

We settled for some traditional and homely mixed rice lunch at a nearby store. It tastes great + Healthy ! cos we could choose up to 3 side dishes comprise mainly of vegs. =)

and the stressful thing there was that almost everyone cleared up their huge plate of food. not a single grain of rice leftover! i couldn’t finish my serving and feel damn ‘paiseh’ when leaving. not that the food was not nice but i was feeling really full!

After lunch, we began heading to Taipei 101, we passed by World Trade center and started snapping photos..

Our failure attempts to capture both of us using timer.. hahha.. so it’s either a very blur pic or pic that focus on my  humongous thighs.. haha

we were nearing Taipei 101!

A very random pic. baby said he wanna take photo with the sign.. we do not look artistic at all!! haha. i was holding on to a plastic bag somemore! lol

A very wasted trip> can u imagined that we went Taipei 101 without going up to the viewing deck?!!

We wanted to go there at night but it turned up that we did not have enough time. =/ next time then!!

Baby on the street… we went to walk around the few huge shopping malls around the area and think it was damn boring. cos they are selling mostly international brands that can be seen in Singapore as well. Prices are pretty steep so we did not buy anything.. =/

Us outside a shopping mall ( can’t remember the name. haha)

We sat outside to take a rest before we proceeded to wufenpu!!!

Lots and lots and lots of walking and shopping at wufenpu! Look at the pics below. SUPER long stretch lo.. we couldn’t finish walking the whole area. Its damn HUGE! can go lost inside! baby literally drew out a map so that we could figure out where we were going and totally don’t understand what he drew.. *salute*

And ya i could still remember that we saw a shopkeeper who was super super friendly to us even though we didn’t buy anything from her shop and she looks like yiqin! damn chio.. lol.. but she is the ‘T’ version. ( Which means butch in Taiwan) Imagine Butch looking damn chio already!! walaoo!! so unfair! =/

Anyway, she gave us the shop’s namecard with the map at the back! lol

and ya did i mentioned that it was pretty squeezy in the inside but Huge lorrys can actually go into the small alleys! their driving skills are superb! so dun be surprise when u turn ur head and see a lorry right behind u! haha

We proceeded to Raohe Night Market which is around a street away.. this was the first night market we visited so we were super excited. haha

We ordered almost everything we saw! Try try try~ i miss the food!!! even thought some are really oily cos most of the food in night markets are fried.. haha

random snaps in the night market. everywhere are selling doggy’s clothes and accessories!

At the end of the day.. i did manicure!! mad loves!! the manicurists were super friendly! we talked a lot about Taiwan and Singapore! haha. compared the girls, the food, the culture, tv programmes blah blah.. and ya i even talked to the gal sitting next to me doing manicure as well.. i super love Taiwanese! they are super friendly!! =D

Baby? he went shopping! hahha and bought back a huge bowl of Ice + fruits. Freezing cold lo! Eating ice and doing manicure in the open with the cold wind blowing~~~ shiok! lol! can nv experience that in Singapore!

and ya.. my manicure is still nicely intact after 3 weeks! although some blings did drop off haha.

Anyway i did for NTD1500 for pple interested to know! =))

We took tons of photos on Day 3 & 4!! till later~~ =)


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November 28, 2009 at 10:17 PM

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