UOL Bash 09

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Came back from the bash a while ago. It was pretty crazy! my ears are still ‘deaf’ from the loud music..

The Contestants are pretty cool. Guys having nice figure/muscles, gals pretty and all.. Plus the company for the night was great. Even jin came! our first clubbing session tog! haha.. and not forgetting Jiahui who sent me back home. xie xie ni! =)

i din touch a single drop of alcohol but i’m damn high alr, i dun even know why.. lol. i think i’m like a totally different person in club. i was really sober and saw lots of pple getting drunk. now, i think alcohol is evil. din like what i saw. girls getting drunk, puking here and there, getting wasted.. How i wish i’m a guy so i get some free hugging and touching. lol. ok what ever, i dun feel like clubbing anymore and i so wish my our half dun club. i mean like who likes ur other half to go clubbing? too much temptations ok. not even trustable if he/she is going with  gd friends or friends u know.

ok its so late alr!! time to sleep gd nitez..

i like this song..


Written by bbreminisce

December 4, 2009 at 5:50 AM

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