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i just read xiaxue’s blog on her and mike’s love story and i feel damn touched! totally salute mike for giving up everything in US for wendy and of cos wendy for sticking with mike when he got totally nothing at that moment. Plus all the LTR and stuffs. i got totally amazed at how they came tog as well.. so unbelievable!

i told baby how i feel that, its so funny that two strangers from totally different background got to know each other and got together as couples out of no where just like how i got tog with baby. As if it was pre-planned. Fate? then i started recalling how i got to know baby in the very first place.. haha. and ya, just like two days ago, Charlize asked us how we got tog.. totally *blush* lo! i dun even know where i got the courage from! Baby insisted that i’m the one who asked him out. but I’m pretty sure i’m not the one cos i had this msg where baby said – “can you be my valentine” or something like tat.. haha.. and its still being stored in my old phone. hehe.. or maybe i forced him to said that? lol.. i can’t really remember in detail bout how we went on our valentine date but of cos everything that happened that day stays clear in my mind. =) I was just so drawn towards him i dun even know why.. ok enough of mushy stuffs.. haha

love is the weirdest feeling ever on earth esp a couples’ relationship.. i get all emo, moody, upset and totally cranky when i got into quarrel with baby.. like can totally cry my heart out.. worst feeling ever.. no mood in doing any single thing or simply dunno what to do.. can’t slp well etc.. and time seems to take forever to pass by..

But.. when everything is going on fine. I’m a HAPPY gal becos no matter what, i know that i have you. =)
so pls pls pls dun make me angry/sad again.. i will appreciate you just like before and i hope you do too. i love u~


Written by bbreminisce

December 21, 2009 at 2:28 AM

Posted in Loves, Random

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