My Christmas!

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I’m such a slowpoke. Everyone is updating on their new yr eve and i’m still here blogging bout christmas.. haha

i woke up late so by the time i reached town it’s alr late noon. heez. headed for my fav Soya beancurd!  i was mad happy as u can see. lol. Then we caught the movie, Bodyguard and assassins. I think its a not bad movie just that the history part kinda bored me. baby loved it though! haha. Nicholas tse’s acting is superb!

We then walked towards town~ failure attempts to take photos with nice lightings..

Settled at a restaurant in Orchard Central for dinner. i like the setting + live perf. but ended up.. hmm.. the singing wasn’t tat fantastic.. haha =x

Our thanksgiving dinner + toast to x’mas! haha

Look at how crowded it was on the street..

Anyway, I ordered seafood platter and baby’s was all meat.. i guess the only thing that i like on my platter was the grilled prawn.

AND.. the very sad thing is that my fish is not fully cooked. a portion of it was actually raw.. =/ no, it was not salmon, so its not supposed to be raw. ended having to wait for another serving.. so sad.. waited for so long that i was kinda angry while baby continue eating his food happily.. =.=

but, it was (going) xmas so i was really forgiving! + the staff was really nice.. so ya.. forgive n forget!

After dinner, we headed to the rooftop!

snapping time!

fun with baby’s sunglasses. attempts to act cool.. lol

Had dessert here at Schokolart! i love the cake and the caramel tea. Definitely a great combi. we spent the last few mins to Christmas at the restaurant/cafe. No crazy countdown at town, just our soft greetings to each other. =)

We walked down to orchard after dessert though. wanting to feel more of the happy festive but i sure got a fright of my life. Why are those snow spray not banned yet?! i totally freaked out when i heard the sound of spraying anywhere near me. and i was so glad that baby was with me. haha.

My christmas gift! i got baby to get it for me haha.  i like everything bout it. Gold+bling+ribbon+pink. =D


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January 5, 2010 at 1:30 AM

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