My NYE 09

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i can’t help but feel that i’m damn hardworking becos us, yes baby and i actually study on NYE! not that it was a super effective self-study session BUT at least we studied! hahhaa. ok..

We headed to tanjor pagar for my fav fish soup then camped in the starbucks at Vivo to study!

then of cos.. as usual, need some entertainment.. hahaha.. omg look at those long & slim fingers with shocking pink nails!

super gay!!  even more pinkish than mine! and he was super proud of them ok!! *faint*

ok.. those were my artwork! I colored them pink with my highlighter! wahahaha.. baby did not stop me so i colored them happily lo! hehe

our initial plan was to camp at vivo till fireworks time but we thought it would be difficult to see any fireworks at the rooftop since pretty much of the view is blocked by buildings/ constructions?

so we headed to Esplanade wanting to catch a better view..

BUT. bad news.. totally blocked off by the time we reached! super sianz so we had to exit from marina square and try to figure our way.. we followed the crowd and reached a ‘spot’ with pple all camping there ready for the fireworks.

The journey there was SCARY. It was basically WAR. Crowd is flooded with foreign workers, yes , all black skin. sorry, I’m super racist. i almost fell down once becos of all the pushing and baby shouted so loud at them.. lol 

Anyway, when we reach the ‘spot’ and still busy figuring out which direction the fireworks would be at. we heard our names being called from behind. then we spot them!! Yizhou with his grp of friends including Sheau Chyun . such a coincidence to see them there! plus common fren!! haha

so here are my lousy photos of the fireworks.. with a stupid lamp-post in all the pics =.=!!

i feel like throwing my camera away! the shutter is super slow. plus the pic are super blur. ok. maybe i dunno how to use it/ nv put the setting properly but it’s really frustrating! so feel like getting a DSLR but it’s freaking expensive plus i dun have that need. =/

super shag us after the fireworks.. Traffic jam all the way. our bus took one hour to boatquay… =.=

Met up with po, cheryl and friends.. wanted to head to a pub but everywhere is crowded + full house.

so in the end we headed home.. lol..

It was the second NYE with baby and i truly enjoyed this one cos i managed to catch the fireworks! hahaha =)

HAPPY HAPPY NEW YR! I can’t wait to graduate! hahaha. Biggest wish in 2010 is to graduate with first class honours!! haha..okok.. 2nd honours at least!

Resolution for 2010

1) Better control over emotions. no more running away from problems like what baby said. =/

2) Adjust my sleeping time! Slp early and wake up early! no more overslept and missing lesson!

3) Study hard, study harder!

4) Pay more attentive in class!

5) TRY to exercise.. =x

6) Be more hardworking, paying more attention to my already terrible skin.. =(

7) Remove all impluse buying and unnecessary spending.

8) Be more independent.

9) Less Grumpy.

10) Smile more. Be happier and more contented with my life which i should!

11) Get an ideal job and work my ass off, SAVE LOTS OF $$$ =D


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January 7, 2010 at 2:05 AM

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