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6 Jan 09

KTV Session with baby! it have been very long since my last KTV session and of cos KTV with baby as well!  Had been complaining to baby that i haven been singing for the longest time and i can’t sing now! baby exclaimed so too.. haha

We went to RELC after my lesson and then to KTV that day.. hehe.. some times away from the books..

Anyway, RELC was packed like crazy. so we decided to drop off our cheques instead.

Baby looking damn pro. like some Rnb rapper.. lol..

Snap snaps~

The moment we entered the room. Baby shouted ‘WOW’ super loudly. Now KTV has leg massager machine! so sool! hahaha

proven that it has been really long since we last went KTV!

Baby enjoying the leg massager! i dun really like it though. very itch on the soles!

Went cycling at ECP with Baby, Pin and Derek just now. My Butt hurts like crazy now + my legs are aching alr.. i think i gonna die tml.. =.=

About 99% of the time, i’m chasing after them! Is it cos of my short legs or what! plus, they cycled as if they are training for competition! or okie, maybe it was just me being slow.. =/

need to exercise more regularly or i will die after every such exercise session..

*collapse in bed*


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