Surprise! DT DT DT!

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8 Jan 10, Friday

Camped in sch library after our lessons. i kinda got a shock when i saw him in formal shirt. Made me start thinking all over again about what was the surprise he wanna give me later on?? =/

see! Baby gave cunning smile! lol

Baby gave lots of ‘useless’ clues along the way.. i kept asking where he wanna bring me to but he just doesn’t wanna tell me!

sooooo…. the time dragged till………… revealing time!

DT’s Concert! haha.

ok.. i got TOTALLY no idea at all. so finally, baby succeed in the surprise thingy! lol..

Anyway, those were complimentary tics so we kinda saved money! haha.. what a steal!

Pin and Derek came along! They collaborated with Baby!

So there we were waiting patiently in Singapore Indoor Stadium with the fans..

DT’s first appearance!!

Excited Us Me

and yes.. he is damn damn damn good at guitars! u name it he plays it! haha. he kept changing his guitar thru out the concert. Damn pro! OOOOoo.. i like musical talented people! hahaha

End of Concert~ As u can see, there is only a super small figure of DT… haha cos we are seated very far away from the stage but the nevertheless, i really enjoyed myself!! his vocal is power and his guitar playing skill is terrific.

Thank you Baby! =))


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January 13, 2010 at 12:37 AM

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