18 Jan 10- KTV again!

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18 Jan 10

1st… See how i camwhore.. lol. did anyone notice? my fringe is FINALLY GROWING!

Baby and I went KTV on Monday. It was only 10bucks per pax NETT for 4 hours! YES!! freaking 10bucks only!! haha.. no, not some ulu KTV place. we were at Kbox! hahha

Check out their theme night specials very day! Monday is the cheapest! they also have bro’s night, ladies’ night, threesome special. lol.

see~ my baby looks soo serious here.. looks kinda EMO. haha

Had fun that night! ♥♥

I actually video baby while he was singing.. but i can’t post it up or else he will kill me! haha.. so it’s only for my personal pleasure. lol. Anyway it was so touching. i still remembered the 1st time i heard him singing that song, i actually cried.. =/ Baby probably forgotten bout it, such Short Term Memory! haha



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January 21, 2010 at 12:29 AM

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