Hair Bun!

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After watching some hair tutorials on you tube… itchy hands wanna try to do a hairbun too.. a mini one..haha..

considered my first try. room for improvement =) very tempted to try French Braid, Fish Tail Braids, fake bob.. blah blah.. till later maybe! check out you tube for lots of hair tutorials. they are wonderful!

anyway, today i totally flare up.. wasted my time getting upset, angry, made billions/trillions or even more cells die, add a few more wrinkles to my face.

And sorry to whoever that saw me and i din even say hi. when i’m in a bad mood, i TOTALLY dun/can’t see anyone else. Baby said when i’m angry i got this noxious force/ Killing Force around me.. i kinda agree with him.. =/

so.. baby coax me and got chocolates and twister fries for me! =)) ♥

*If you dunno anything, dun judge! u are in no position to say anything when she says she dun take it to heart. U dun even know what i have been thru’.. dun make it like u are a saint.


Written by bbreminisce

January 24, 2010 at 1:06 AM

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