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28 Jan 10

Super happy me before getting out of house.. becos, it was a break from all the studying/revision..

Baby is bringing me to Yum Cha! =D

Dim Sum Time!!

Nom Nom Nom~

As usual, we stuffed ourselves with lots and lots of dim sum until we super full and leaving just enough space for some desserts haha..

This is naughty baby who ate my mango pudding when he got his own dessert and didn’t want to give it back to me!

and started snapping angry photos of me.. haha

till.. Happy me got my dessert back!

and then.. pics of my kawaii baby.. lol

out of no where we started playing multi-shots…

and this is baby’s…

I’m so mad lo.. how can he be soooo much more kawaii than me!! hahaha.. and where did he learn his so many pose from?!! i looked at his poses then i think mine is mad ugly.. lol


Baby accompanied me to shopping~ =)

i think i’m super power packed cos we just walked from chinatown all the way to somerset! finally went to 313@somerset. just a regular shopping mall to me just that i noticed forever21 is a few storey high there! haha.. no no. no spending, need to save money! =/

Anyway, went for badminton game with baby, pin and derek on sat.. and my body is still aching from the game. baby said i improve! at least i did more running! geez.. lets burn more fats! =)

Jiayou MX! must start studying again after so many days of resting!

Saw things happening to friends around, make me know how to appreciate my baby more! I love you Baby!


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February 2, 2010 at 12:36 AM

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