Card making!

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Random post on what i did for baby!

14Feb was cny, valentine and our 2nd anniversary!

Bought something from Aldo and made a card for baby. He seems to like his presents! so i’m glad! =))

got all the materials ready and starto!

Anyway i got all the materials from Made with love @ Ps. i saw something like that there so i did my own DIY. It’s super difficult to cut! i did this with no computer help!

started drawing and cut a pink heart..


color and outline

This is the original version. after i did the pink heart.. i think it’s super girly! super unsuitable for baby.

so i did this.. i drew on the pink heart instead.. i think it looks better? but i think the card is girly with the color combi anyway… hahaha..

so…. this is the final outcome..

this is the how the interior looks like.. the ribbon thingy is damn difficult to do! anyway, i always thought i’m very bad in art and craft but after i did the card i can’t help but think that i’m damn good! lol

i think it’s the 1st time i put in so much effort to do a card! ( cos my baby is super picky! =.= hahaha)

personally, i like the card a lot! =D.. hope i gave u some inspirations! *cheers


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February 17, 2010 at 12:16 AM

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