16 March 10 – some time away from the books~

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After my last prelim paper, Baby and i decided to have some time away from the books.. after all we have been mugging hell lots..

so.. we headed to cafe cartel for dinner 1st~ here are more pics of my jet black hair, if u noticed.. baby’s hair has turned black too! cos i got him to dye his hair with me.. lol. but his is like brown instead of black.. so not fair! =/

anyway, cafe cartel is one of my fav restaurant. the food is like cheap and nice + free flow bread.. my fav! lol just that the service isn’t that good. but ya.. it’s cheap.. so what do you expect..

Afterwhich, we went to catch Alice in the wonderland.. been ages since we caught a movie in the theater! haha..

I like the show! it’s like so magical and unreal. lol. like duh. i love fairytale, you know like… all the mysterious stuffs.. =)


i think they are really creative with red queen’s image!  and some parts are real comical and her fav phrase is, ‘ off with the head!’ lol

White queen also damn dramatic.. the way she moves and her vow of not to harm/kill any living thing.. haha.. plus her Gothic look.. i like!

File:White queen.jpg

ok.. shall start the hardcore mugging again tml.. =.= jiayou jiayou!! ENDURE


Written by bbreminisce

March 18, 2010 at 1:40 AM

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