Pink leopard print nails~

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Need some break from studies.. going bonkers soon!! decided to do some nail art.. Close friends would know that i love nail arts!! this is leopard print inspired.. credits to cheesie!

u need three diff colors to do this.. a very light pink as base..  i’m using ice frost from Sally Hansen. I think it looks a bit like silver.

Step 2: Use a darker shade of pink to paint random spots/dots… they don’t have to looks prefect ya.

u dun find prefect circle on leopard print right?

Step 3:  Outline the Pink spots with a black nail polish color. It’s a bit tricky here. cos the nail polish brush may be too thick. try using a toothpick to draw if u have difficulty. =)

so Tada~~~ DONE. looks nice from far.. hahah. If you have longer nails, this will looks even nicer!! u can add blingz as well if u want to =)

credit Cheesie!


Written by bbreminisce

April 1, 2010 at 6:55 PM

Posted in Random

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