Taiwan Day 3 (part 1)

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hmmm.. *Clear Throat* Ages ago updates.. haha. on my Taiwan Trip! lol.

i actually updates till day 2 only and i got super lazy to upload the photos cos it’s hell lots of them on day 3 and 4. =.=

But for my reminiscing purpose.. i shall ‘pen’ them down… =))

anyway this post has been in draft for ages but the site crashes every time i try to publish it =.= i think there r too much pictures it can take..

Taiwan Day 3 (5 Nov 09)

Due to slping late the day before ( die die want to make full use of the day, shop till all shops close.. lol..), We overslept.

It might have a damn serious consequence that day cos it could have cause us to miss our train to Hualien! So we rushed like mad people to the station. literally sprinted to station lo. No Breakfast, No makeup, No nothing. Just packed and go! that explained how shag i looked like in the 1st 2 photos below..

But sigh of relieve* at least we managed to catch the train.. =D

It was packed packed..

Our tickets and my pretty nails~ hehe

Baby concussed.. haha

Actually, i concussed too..

The following pics were taken after i woke up from my beauty sleep.. lol. i couldn’t contain my excitement, so i just keep snapping photos cos the scenery was really nice! so these are like probably 1/4 of pics i took on the train.. hehe

Finally arrived at Hua Lien!!!

Baby was very excited too!

I can’t remember whether this is the 1st view of Hua Lien? haha. But see i spot KTV! lol

Our mysterious driver for the day…………… haha… i actually engaged a driver before we landed in TW. I think i’m damn good at coordinating all these… I did it all by myself ok! definitely something worth bragging about k! hahahaa.. i think i have probably mentioned this like a million times to baby.  BUT I’m really brillant! Cos everything went smoothly and i’m damn happy bout it.  =D

Scenery~ blue blue sky. even the sky looks nicer dun you think so? haha

1st stop: Our Tour guide + Driver took us to pack our lunch boxes at this famous stall (according to him).

Varieties of selection available..

Done !! the stall offered free red tea for consumption. then….. baby actually went to filled up a bottle and smuggled it out.. lol!

Afterwhich, which we continued to our next stop.. and i continued with more snapping.. haha

2nd Stop: Mochi!! Known as one of the must-try if you are in Taiwan.

This stall we went to specialize in hand-made Mochi so they need to be finished on the day itself or they will no longer be fresh or may even turn bad so we didn’t bring any back to S’pore or Taipei.

continue journey to taroko!!

We saw blue blue sea~~!!

Super love the view of Mountain +Sea. Photos do not do justice! The Scenery was breathtaking! The Tour guide jokingly said that our wedding photos might not even looks so nice in future! Wa Lao imagine wedding photos with such background!

Baby said this pic looks like he is peeing.. lol!

scary cliff~

baby looks like the excited little boy peeking out of the window.. hee

the petrol station..

just some random houses..

ok.. now.. imagine having lunch with such scenery……

and with such yummilious lunch boxes.. i actually miss the lunch boxes now!!

whole mouth stuffed with food look. haha

baby mumbling how good the food tastes. haha

i’m feeling dizzy again.. =.= to be cont ……….


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  1. Incredibly great post! Honestly.

    Randolph Souza

    May 29, 2010 at 1:27 PM

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