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Decided to update my blog after soo long..haha.

i just found out that many people like taking photos with their own camera but doesn’t like to upload them! hmm.. i kinda classified under one of them. lol. In fact, i become lazier at taking photos..

so anyway on 4 June. Finally after everyone has finished exam, the SIM mates had a meetup!

Korean BBQ! yumilious~! anyway pics are hell not clear due to lighting.. =/

We had SEVERAL more dishes which i din managed to take.. cos it keep coming nonstop and i was mad hungry so was busy noming away.. lol. and we were like huh? some more??

The gals~

This was  e dessert..

super blur pic =( and cos some other people booked the ‘slot’ after us. we had to give up our seats fast. so we rushed off without another pic..

after which we chilled @ iluma.. lots of catchup, gossips, men talk, gals talks whatever u called it. haha

Some polarid moments as well

Love this! we took 4 similar pics so that we could keep one each. =)

and another grp photo without willy and chewhong =/. plus the camera man damn lousy. =.=


Just came back from Jin’s house. His gf is damn super sweet to plan this early surprise birthday party for him!

This is JIn’s room with decorated balloons~

guess what are all these for?

Lighting up of candles!

busy busy rush rush!!

final work done!!

the rest? camped in the other room ready for the surprise!

and this is Jin’s expression when he first saw us.. haha

Super nice cake.. baby can i have this too??? hehe

Tadah~ super sweet gf and Jin.. =))

and i have nv heard of this ‘tradition’ or belief. whereby the next person having birthday need to cut the so called other half of cake?

so apparently it’s me! cos my birthday is in july. i duno why i looks so sulky hahaha

Grp Photo!

so SWEET!!!

mouth stuffed with food look again.. haha

Huiying and Ivan..

love gatherings like this =))

Anyway went Rebel yesterday and baby and i went to the IT Fair in the late noon today to grab jin’s present. Baby got his netbook as well. crowd was scary as usual. Now my legs are dead tired.

Meeting the gals tml! finally watching sex and city 2! woohoo~ till later!


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June 11, 2010 at 3:03 AM

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