The weekend

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I’m treasuring the weekend more now since its the only time i get to see baby and spend it with him!

Last weekend was craze. we wanted to catch a movie but everywhere is fully booked! super frustrated. like the whole world came out on weekend to watch movies.  only the midnight shows are available so we got no choice but to get the midnight one.

then we went TCC for world cup while waiting for the show to start. Yes. u din hear it wrongly. TCC has world cup live! only for 3 difff outlets. one at POMO, one at Great world City and another i couldn’t remember. haha.

For people who knows me. i don’t watch world cup. i even told baby that just a few days ago i was thinking to myself- thanks god, my bf doesn’t watch world cup, or else i will be bored to death for this period. like he will be busy chasing after world cup show and ignore me.. blah blah blah.. then there we were— watching world cup. haha!

Baby does watch world cup but not those hardcore fan.. =) But anyway, it was kind of fun at the cafe. Like people are all excited and shouting here and there. lol. 1st half of the show was all the ‘Oscars Award’ stunts.. if u know what i’m talking about. hahha and the 2nd half is the scoring time .

After TCC, we caught Karate Kid at cine. I so love the show and the kid!!! He is so adorable! and i think his acting is awesome! then i found out he is Will Smith’s little son. no wonder!

Long Long time since a photo with Baby.. Love so much!! =))

Met up with Pin. It was Retail therapy day at Fareast Plaza. Super Duper Tiring! i was wearing flats but my legs still feel like breaking at the end of the day.. haha.

some cam-whoring in the toilet.

then yummy dinner at C Nai HK Cafe express. i can’t believe it’s the first time i ate there. i have always been eating at Xin wang HK Cafe and i personally think C Nai is so much least their menu has more varieties and looks more authentic.. Anyway i had Shanghai Pork Chop Rice and i love the taste and tender pork! yum yum. now i’m hungry! till later~ =)


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June 28, 2010 at 6:37 PM

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