Taiwan Day 3- Part 2

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Hell lots of photos. took me super long to upload all! here we go~~~!

This is Taiwan~

and we were at Taroko..

This was the exact location! this tiny winy red dot. haha

We went into their exhibition hall and had some fun…

Baby is the super hardworking student..

While i fell asleep immediately! haha

Having headache when it comes to study..

A failed jump shot..

and a successful one.. =)

Baby’s attempts in B boys stunts.. lol

We later proceeded to Shakadang Trail..

Love the place! There is actually this long river along the trail.. and lots of gigantic rocks. Some are pure white in color and Baby loves them!

Baby think that it’s a perfect place for deep thoughts or to master some martial arts as well. lol

and some attempts to push the mountains apart. =_______=

All these are what i called the Beauty of Nature.. =))

You get what i mean by lots of gigantic rocks now?

Baby loves the rocks i think he will wanna ship one home if possible hahaha

The water is super cooling =)

this is really interesting. Every single lion statue looks diff. look carefully!

n we tried to imitate the statue we like! haha

hahaha. so ugly. lol.

This is Mr Looi, the originally tourguide+driver i want to engage but he is really busy and fully booked till like months later..

so he introduced us to Mr Huang. he is also a very friendly chap but talks much little. we are the ones asking him questions most of the time.. haha

Baby doesn’t like jump shot becos he thinks it’s pretty dumb to jump constantly for that perfect shot but anyway, Mr Looi convinced him to. hahah

Actually, i dunno what do the chinese words mean.. haha.

i just ask baby to pose for me. like a proof that we were there. lol

mini mini waterfall.. hee

and then baby spot some creatures lookalike rocks.. see if you can see what we saw! they are all facing the same direction..

Creature No 1.

Creature No 2.

Creature No. 3.

Did you see what we saw? or was it just our imagination? haha

we were actually very excited to enter the Swallow Grotto Trail. i thought we will be able to see lots of Swallows. but turned out that we saw lot of holes in the rocks only.. haha. and ermm. a few swallows which swift past in uber high speed. =/

Baby strolling leisurely. totally enjoying the scenery. lol.

inside the Swallow Grotto Trail..

This is what i meant by lots of holes in the rock.. haha

this is a side view of an human face. looks like a member of a native tribe?

and an ape’s head?

and how they looks like from far..

And becos we had to walk thru an area with lots of fallen rocks.. looks real scary..

therefore for safety purpose. we will need to wear the helmets provided..

I kept laughing at Baby cos he looks like a construction worker! lol

Can you see? Can you see a Smiling face?? =)

This is female version of ‘Dumb Dumb’! wahahaa

name of the place?

This is supposed to looks like a fish..

An eagle’s head facing down..

This is the Ape’s Mountain..

The Toad with it’s Crown..

Next up. We decided to conquer the mountain and visit the Goddness of Mercy!

The temple’s entrance. this was only the start! becos after this were flight and flight of staircase. super killer. Seriously train ur calves muscles!

the interior..

We managed to see the Giant Buddha Statue as well.

and the pure white Goddness of Mercy..

Baby kept asking me to take this pic. He says that the rock looks funny to be in the middle of no where and looks like a marshmallow. how can the rock looks like a marshmallow?! hahaha. that was his imagination..

End of the day, in the cab. TOTALLY deadbeat. ZzzzzzzZ

Our Cab Driver took use to our Minsu: The Rose Garden. I Super like the place! Makes me feel very at home. Here’s the webby if you are interested! =)

The Decor is all in the theme of flowers/roses. Even the room smells like roses.. =) and the lady boss looks very pretty and has this super kawaii Chihuahua. =D Furthermore, it’s very near to the city central. made everything very convenient.

The Wallpaper also looks so pretty! haha

hmm.. i actually forgot to take a pic of the front counter/living room.. =/

so anyway, we dropped off our stuffs and headed for  dinner..

We had super cheap and awesome xiaolongbao and dumplings! yummy Max!

and some other food by the roadside + some shopping before we headed back to minsu.

and!!! Baby and I had the very 1st earthquake experience in our life! although it was a minor one but come to think about it. it was pretty scary!. Baby experienced it on the street, by the roadside while i was busy shopping.haha. so i couldn’t feel it at all.

For me, it was late at night and the whole bed was literally shaking. i could hear things dropping off and stuffs. but then it lasted for merely 2 mins? i was so tired that i went straight back to sleep after everything was fine. hahaha. and Baby? i couldn’t even wake him up! he was sleeping like a log. =.=


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