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8th July10

When clock struck 12am. Baby appeared unexpectedly. Seriously i din noe coffee club’s cakes/ desserts are so nice!  i love the strawberry/raspberry filling. Totally Yums!

Headed KTV the next day. Wanted to ask Alicia and SooHann along but too last min.. =x

See~ Baby got so bored and started playing game! It was really freezing in the room, he needa cover himself with pillow. lol


Simple but my fav bakuteh for dinner~ ♥

Baby took me here for a walk!! isn’t it pretty? =)

It was a fantastic day becos u were with me. Thanks for everything Baby.

Thanks for enduring my capricious and me being a bad gf.. sometimes i feel useless cos i couldn’t do anything to help or make u happy. But pls remember that i love u lots..

Lastly, i do really hope that my birthday wishes will come true this yr..


Written by bbreminisce

July 13, 2010 at 12:41 AM

Posted in Festives, Loves

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