Not Happy.

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Feeling terrible these days. Job hunting process wasn’t terrific. For a very long time , i have been spamming resumes like no body business but i got no reply at all. now the interviews started coming, i dread all the travelling. ok. i know i’m asking for too much but if you stay where i’m staying you should know what i meant.

waiting X 9999, travelling to and fro but to no avail. Plus the fact that i hate making decision (and that i always make the wrong one.)

But at least I’m glad i have my Mum. She is the only one who listens to all my whining, my complains and sincerely give advices. and the other person would prob be Pin..

And like several times i was so lost, i would only put on a smile(fake one) and tell myself everything would be ok, just keep going… and i glad that i’m pretty good at this.. or at least in front of people.

Grin and bear it for this are things i have to go thru on my own.


Written by bbreminisce

July 20, 2010 at 1:39 AM

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