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9th July 10

Birthday celebration with my fav gals.. i was told to dress up but ultimately ended up with a more comfortable  wear.. =)

went to Saizeriya Italian Restaurant at Liang court for dinner.. Everything on the menu is cheap so we keep ordering hahha. but i feel that the dishes just taste average. the nicest dish of all is their Focaccia Bread with garlic. UP!  It’s freshly baked and just tasted yummy. we so wanna buy lots back home for breakfast the next day. hahah.

Derek and Pin look scary after having their Squid Ink Pasta! haha

and then there was surprise appearance of Baby! honestly i was stunned and really happy at the same time! haha

wooo. cake time!! i love cutting cake! Cake for my birthday is a MUST. lol! but dun make me sad by poking in lots of candles!!!

I dunno why i have to eat all the fruits on the cake? haha

Cheers~ =)

present opening! Pin and Felicia looks so envy of my present haha

We headed for Wii Time! duper fun!!! lets do it again!!!

Even the guys joined in after their drinking session. look at their expression. haha i couldn’t stop laughing..

The Aftermath is all the aching arms.. hahha. but hell lots of fun!! =D ♥♥♥

I’m Forever 21!!! hahahhaha


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July 21, 2010 at 10:53 PM

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