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haven been blogging for a while.. number 1 reason is that my lappy dies on me. or rather i have sent my lappy for repair. the person told me i gonna wait for 1-2 weeks!! but i got no choice. the screen flickered non-stop and it was impossible to use. so for the past few days i could only use my phone or surf from mei’s lappy. so actually it wasn’t really tat bad.  And now i’m using baby’s old lappy. The FB page looks distorted.. =/

so anyway i have been lazy to upload the pics as well..

just a few days before, i was watching this romance show on miotv and the above song kept playing in the background .i couldn’t stop singing it for the next few days. haha.

the show is about how pple should treasure love and having the courage to love..

tog with some comments i heard from pple around me makes me ponder why is it that there are pple willing to do everything for their other half and regretting so much for losing their loved one and yet pple who doesn’t treasure their love one/person right beside them. and commenting things like hoping to do things/ going to places without the other half.

i mean, when u chose to be with a person, doesn’t it means that u wan him/her to be the one that goes thru every single thing with u? n that u want him/her to be part of ur life? isn’t it the way it should be?

why is it that you can be with a person and then at the same time thinking of the possibility that there may be someone better out there for u? so who is this person right in front of you now?

Then i started thinking how much can u love a person to want to spend the rest of ur life with? how is the feeling like?


Written by bbreminisce

August 1, 2010 at 2:40 AM

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  1. nice leh the song!!! hahaa go ktv this weekend leh


    August 13, 2010 at 1:02 PM

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