RWS-Universal Studio-Hard Rock Hotel

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Was the two Queens’ birthday celebration last weekend.. Pin and Chun.. their birthdays are just one day apart, so it always become a busy week for us.. haha

Feli is super sweet to handmake cards for them.. hmm.. but judging from the sizes difference, its a little  bias.. lol!

Headed to RWS on 6th aug on fri. Feli and i were there earlier in order to grab the tickets.

Anyway, if you guys do not alr know. Universal Studio has after operating hour tickets on sale now @ only $5!

the reason for the cheap fare is becos of the after operating hours.. so no rides, not much entertainment. more of a see see, look look around the place and to have ur dinner settled.

Went into the Hershey’s store becos of the aircon! haha. the huge Hershey’s bar i was holding on is actually real choco bar, its like real thick and heavy!! if you finish it in one day, u will definitely lost ur voice and prob die from the heatyness.. haha

We queued under the hot sun for at least half an hour unreluntantly.. haha. anyway, even if u reached earlier, u cant get the tic cos they only start selling at 630pm. but it actually turned up that they started at 615pm that day so are we considered lucky?

Then my Baby arrived!

i need the luck and 财! haha

Way to Hard Rock Hotel first.. outside the rock shop!

While waiting for the rest to arrive.. baby was so tired he fell aslp on the sofa..

Camwhore in the toilet. i love the guitar!

The Hotel’s Lift is really nice! *Blingz Blingz* like diamond wall.. haha

Into the Universal Studio before its too late!! a while ago we were at Beverly Hills then later at Hollywood! lol

Love the place!

Kawaii Tree that appears in Fairy tale story..

lots of photos with antique cars..

i ask feli to flag the cab.. haha

like this pic of feli! the DSL looks big in her hands…

Dinner time like finally!! It was crowded but the food isn’t nice =(

Hats fun! Pin forced the tiny hat down on derek’s head. lol. i know million of people might have worn the hats there and was stinko and stuffs. haha. but it was fun!

cant believe that we are so ‘obsessed’ with pole and lamp post. lol

Love the photos!!

Artistic feel.. lol

Our Fav!! Classic isn’t it? Our Love Stories now showing in cineplexes.. lol!

Photos with the faraway castle..

Grab a drink!

Got our spot, waiting for the fireworks to start!! lots of pple as u can see! we ended up at the wrong spot cos we were standing too near and the wind was blowing toward out directions. so most of the time we were choked by the smoke with dust stinging our eyes. =___________=

Back to Hotel!!

cutting cakes time!! First is chun’s before it turned 12am.

Then Pin’s after 12am. haha

Watching special video clip made by Chun to Pin. so touching! i almost tear i swear!

end off with our ugly( or rather me only) no make up pic! haha


Written by bbreminisce

August 11, 2010 at 11:40 PM

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