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NDP Preview on Saturday, 31 July 2010.

Blogging my life backwards.. haha

It sure was a sunny and hot day. the sun stayed stubbornly in the sky until 6+. shone heartlessly on us until everyone was ‘chaota’. haha. Im sure i have turned at least two shades darker even under the umbrella. and thanks goodness i brought an umbrella along! but other than the sun i seriously was look forward to the NDP preview.

i long to attend NDP since ages ago i swear! but i couldnt get the tics!  and Baby actually told me he wanted to give the tics away! omg, how could he! haha.. but luckier he din, if not i will definitely be v upset! lol

so anyway it was crowded with queues everywhere..

It took really long before we got our seat. we were in the blue sector!

the Parachutists, the parade marching..

We do love Singapore! =)

Peek at fun Box in the Fun tote! Anyway, the goodie bag was mad heavy!

The Mobile Column Machines, they called them..

Beautiful Floats..

Love all the beautiful songs sang~

The thing i look forward most was the Fireworks but  was disappointed. these are my desperate attempts in taking pics of the fireworks. so as u can see i failed badly. >.< my stupid lousy cam with the slowest shutter.. =.= and the pretty fireworks were like at the back of where we were sitting.

On a lighter note, we caught like extreme close up ones at RWS last week.. lol

End of show! all Sweaty but Happy! =))


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August 14, 2010 at 2:27 AM

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