Secret Mission on Feli’s birthday!

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It was feli’s birthday the next day and she gonna touch down spore around midnight. so we planned to give her a surprise at the airport.

so.. Pin and i headed to the icing room @ Tampines 1 to do the DIY cake. Seriously, it was tough! we have totally no idea what to draw on the cake. Lack of research =x

Comes with a colorful pack of sugar flowers and some piping bags..

I drew on the hearts design at the side~!

The final outcome… we sure do not have much creativity! hahaha. but ermm.. at least it was not that bad. Pin and i actually felt better after seeing what the other person drew beside us. hahha.

Reached Terminal 1 but decided to walk around Terminal 3 since it was still early..

Finally, the time arrived. met up with chun and anselm and searched for Feli’s parents. Told them our plan and camped outside the airport. we waited super long before she appeared. we got all sweaty and pin- sulky and got ‘attacked’ by luggage. lol

but it was a great success.. she was too tired to notice anything abnormal.

glad she loves our mini surprise and the birthday present! a proper get together soon! =))


Written by bbreminisce

August 23, 2010 at 11:43 PM

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