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11 sept 10

JB trip with Baby, the gals and their partners~

It was a scary ride in. consider that we dunno the way, it was pitching dark ( no street lamps) and they were driving at really high speed. more than half of the time was chasing non-stop and trying to figure out whether the car in front was D’s..

Finally reached the place! Baby’s comment: the food better be nice!

we ordered, ordered and ordered as if the food was free..

the diff btw the big and small claws.. Total bill add up to RM600++.. but we felt cheated becos we expected something even cheaper since we really din order a lot. To me, the food wasn’t really fantastic, prob i have eaten some even better ones in Spore… =/ but nevertheless, it was sure a memorable journey. lol..

did i mention that i did my nails as well? love them! only RM22! haha a steal!


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September 19, 2010 at 9:12 PM

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