The Saturday

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After watching Adam couples, i have the urge for buffet. so on saturday, we went for dimsum buffet @ peach garden.. hehe..

Supposed to call for reservation beforehand cos we heard that its always full. So we did, we called few hours before ( buffet starts at around 3pm), and it was alr fully booked.

nevertheless, we decided to try our luck and headed down. Lucky us, managed to get in! =)

Our fav are the cheeseball and peach tart! looks at how the cheese ooze out!

Baby from the eager and happy to bloated and sicked of food.. haha

Baby’s 1st try of KOI and he doesn’t like it. haha. super long queue!

and the shopping and fooling around!

This is my fav pic! haha now as my hp wallpaper lol. cant stop laughing looking at this. pretty much help in destressing at work. lol


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October 11, 2010 at 11:38 PM

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