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16 Oct 10

Had Korean BBQ Buffet for Dinner! I Love gogi gui! explained all the meat! hehe.. wrapped with lettuce=Heavenly. =D

Im drooling now at the thought of it..=/

Then we met someone always with a cool hairstyle.. lol

Parked at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe for Mango ice and YuanYang while waiting for movie to start..

Omg see how hairy Jameson is compared with me! lol.

and this is what we watched. Piranha.

Its a R21 show. At first i was thinking, was it like some real disgusting/ gross/horror show that it’s rated R21. BUT NOT AT ALL. Its rated R21 becos of all the naked women, pure nudity. Its like they keep showing those big boobs until a certain point i got immune. Then Jameson commented that if they dun show all those bodies, no one will watch the show. haha.

Nevertheless, i would say that the special make-up effects are really good. Makes the scenes look really real. other than that would probably be that sense of humor.


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October 21, 2010 at 12:13 AM

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