the long weekend ♥

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Love long weekend! means more rest and fun! but of cos i will super drag tml (MON!)

4 Nov10

Mei mei”s Birthday celebration aka BBQ.. cant believe she is only 18! so young! hahah. ages are catching up! sighz*

so.. almost whole of the time, what i did was sit there and eat non-stop.. =x

Everyone is supposed to wear pink. and in order to catch the attention of the day,she has got a big glittery bow on. she wanted to put it on her head at first haha

The impt people in my life~ ♥♥

5 Nov 10

woke up in noon then headed tampines one with baby. While baby was busy with his work/appt, i went shopping and did manicure. as if TAI TAI life. lol.. and love my mani! in shimmery pink now.. =)

Join the gang at timbre at night. sure love their thin crust pizza, the wings and calamari taste great as well!

the usual catching up and photos taking!

6 Nov 10

Baby sent me to facial while he went jogging.. The last time i went for facial was 1 year ago O.o face are all clogged with enlarged pores now.. >.< Shall be more determined!

caught due date at night. very funny show i would say! catch it if you haven!


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November 7, 2010 at 4:06 PM

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