14 Feb 11

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I enjoyed my VDay and i hope everyone of you do as well!

After much of a pestering. i managed to get my Big Big Card! haha.. i was really looking forward to it! =D

Dinner @ Kushinbo (GWC).. Baby knows i have been craving for it.. =)

As usual, my fav at a buffet is the dessert bar.. hehe

We sure have hell lot of fun at kushinbo and i enjoyed my VDay V V much! (Excludes all the walking! =/)

It seems like a while since we spend time like this tog, all the jokes, the craps, laughters, talks and even bus ride.. and i appreciate it a lot!

Even though Big Big Card was a request and with much pestering and reminder. Even though it was a pretty last min thing for you. Even though there wasn’t much of a design on the card. I love it like hell!!!

becos i know,

you did put in the effort, i know you meant what you wrote, i know you love me! =)))

(and yes i’m touched by your words that i almost cried on the spot but i managed to held back my tears.)

My Hugs and Kisses key chain! hee.

Did i mentioned that i have such a wonderful boyfriend that means everything to me???!!

I Love you~ Happy 3rd Anni~ =)


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February 15, 2011 at 11:48 PM

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