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Been a long while.. decided to update on what happened for the past few weeks/month..


Baby went on a trip to Europe and i’m left in the small tiny island, Singapore.

I made a journal for baby for the 18 days with him.. nicey? =)

and he came back with a prada wallet for me!

So Much LOVES!!! =))


Attended the wedding of my bestie pri sch friend.

Catch up with long time no meet pri sch friends as well! such a joyful night!! =D

Random meet up with my ladies on a weekday evening after work. Caught a nice movie – Something Borrowed.



Weekend with baby love. Satisfied my craving for Waffles ice cream at Gelare, Suntec..



Sunday night. Baby ironing my dress while i prepare to slp.. hehe..

Hearts my Baby loves~~!! This is the complicated relationship between Me, Baby and Chou Chou! =D



Written by bbreminisce

June 23, 2011 at 10:56 PM

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